Proceedings of The 10th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics

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Koichi Ano Ibaraki University The Influence of Learning Strategies in Senior High School Days on English Level of Japanese University Students p. 1
Takuma Arai Waseda University Teaching Politeness in Lower Secondary Schools in Japan Text Analysis of Politeness p.15
Mahmood Reza Atai*, Beheshteh Meratzadeh** *Islamic Azad University of Karaj, Iran, **Khatam University, Tehran, Iran The Impact of Self, Peer, and Teacher Evaluation on Iranian EFL Students' Writing Performance p.31
Mahmood Reza Atai, Simin Falah Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran A contrastive genre analysis of result and discussion sections of applied linguistic research articles written by native and non-native English speakers with respect to evaluated entities and ascribed values p. 41
Kyunghee Choi Hanyang Women's College Needs Analysis of Students of Tourism English p. 57
Reiko Furuya*, Andrea Carlson** *Nagoya University, **Canterbury Christ Church University College Computers, Children and Biliteracy: Research into a Networked Learning Community p. 69
Yuko Haraguchi Waseda University The acquisition of the sound qualities of /I/ and /i/ by Japanese English learners p. 81
Yvonne Pratt-Johnson St. John's University Guiding Asian Students through Acquisition of a New Writing Model p. 95
Kota Kodachi Shiba Junior/Senior High School A Study of Prototype Formation of the Meanings of Prepositions by Japanese and Filipino Learners of English from the Perspective of Cognitive Linguistics p. 105
Yusuke Kondo Waseda University A Study on Relationship between Language Anxiety and Proficiency: In a Case of Japanese Learners of English p. 129
Susumu Kubo Matsuyama University On a Japanese speech act Enryo": an analysis of an X-sociative and X-regulative speech act p. 139
Rieko Matsuoka National College of Nursing, Japan Willingness to Communication among Japanese college students p. 151
Michiko Nakano, Norifumi Ueda, Kazuharu Owada, Masanori Oya, Eichiro Tsutsui, Junko Negishi, Makoto Yoshimoto and Yusuke Kondo Waseda University Networked English Language Education at Waseda University: Toward creating Asian-Pacific Intelligence (1) p. 161
Michiko Nakano*, Matt Bonham**, Kazuharu Owada*, Norifumi Ueda*, Masanori Oya*, Junko Negishi*, and Yusuke Kondo* *Waseda University, **Syracuse University Networked English Language Education at Waseda University: Toward creating Asian-Pacific Intelligence (II)- CCDL and Cyber Seminars p. 173
Junko Negishi Waseda University The Effects of Intensive Communication Activities To Improve Novice Learners' Oral Interaction Skills p. 185
Hyesook Park*, Adam R. Lee** *Kunsan National University, **Concordia University L2 Learners' Anxiety, Self-Confidence and Oral Performance p. 197
Osamu Sawada The University of Chicago The Cognitive Patterns of Construals in Comparatives p. 209
Yuko Shimizu, Ken'ichi Yamakawa, Naoki Sugino, Hiromasa Ohba, Michiko Nakano Ritsumeikan University, Yasuda Women's University, Joetsu University of Education, Waseda University Developing a Sample-Free Grammatical Proficiency Test for SLA Research p. 227
Yukinari, Shimoyama Waseda University What a CALL Environment Provides Students With p. 237
Mitsuyo Suzuki Ehime Prefectural University of Health Sciences Seeking for Effective Strategies at Medical Interviews p. 245
Eiichiro Tsutsui, Norifumi Ueda, and Michiko Nakano Waseda University A multi-dimensional approach to analyzing individual differences of Japanese language learners of English p. 257
Norifumi Ueda*, Kota Kodachi** *Waseda University, **Shiba Junior/Senior High School Vocabulary Acquisition Process in Second Language Acquisition p. 265
Swathi M. Vanniarajan San Jose State University Native-nonnative differences in word defining tasks in timed and untimed conditions: An experimental study in interactive model perspective. p. 271
Chun, Moon-Young Korea University Culture-Specific Concepts of Politeness for Offering Advice p. 287
Kimiko Zamma Waseda University Contribution of phonetic information to the formation of chunks for Japanese learners of English p. 297