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Regulation of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics
Chapter 1. Title
This association is called the Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics. It is an international association. The Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics is abbreviated as PAAL. The main office of PAAL is located at 16-621 School of Education, Waseda University 1-6-1-Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050, Japan.
Chapter 2. Aims
This association is a scholarly, educational and non-profit organization which aims to promote principled approaches to English teaching and learning-related concerns.
Chapter 3. Members
[Article 1] Eligibility of Members
Eligible association members are individual specialists, organizations, or groups in the fields of English education, Linguistics, British/American cultural education, and British/American literature education, who are in alignment with the aims of the association.
They must submit the association application forms along with the admission fees and the annual fees.
[Article 2] Preservation of Membership Eligibility
Those who have paid all the association fees are able to preserve their membership eligibility and may participate in all association activities.
[Article 3] Loss of Membership Eligibility
Members are subject to the loss of their memberships in the following cases:

(1) A general secretarycan write letters for prompt payment to members who have not paid the membership fees without any specific reasons or prior notice more than a year.
Members are subject to the loss of their memberships when they do not respond to the letters from the general secretary within 30 days.

(2) Members whose actions have run counter to the aims of the association and damaged the honor of the association may lose their memberships based on the consent by the board of directors.

Chapter 4. Membership Fee
A decision on the membership fee is made by the board of directors.

Annual membership fee of PAAL: Adult:5,000 Student:\3,500

Chapter 5. Executive Officers
[Article 1] Constitution of Executive Committee
This association consists of two chairpersons and the following committee members :

(1) 2 Co-chairpersons
(2) 2 Co-vice-chairpersons
(3) 2 Secretary Generals
(4) Advisory Committee, Editorial Committee, Planning Committee, Research Committee, Pressing Committee, etc.
(5) Board of Directors

[Article 2] Terms
The terms of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary general, an auditor, and the board of directors are 2 year.
[Article 3] Eligibility of Executive Officers
Executive Officers are elected from those who have paid all the membership fees.
[Article 4] Chairperson
A chairperson represents the association and supervises all the association meetings.
A chairperson is entitled to appoint any committee member. The chairperson is entitled to execute duties requested by the board of directors.
[Article 5] Vice-Chairperson
A vice-chairperson acts for a chairperson in the time of an accident.
[Article 6] Secretary General
A secretary general must inform members of regular general meetings as well as all other meetings and record the minutes of the meetings. The secretary general is entitled to execute duties requested by the board of directors.
[Article 7] Auditor
An auditor acts as a financial adviser for the board of directors. An auditor is entitled to duties requested by a chairperson and the board of directors.
Chapter 6. Regular General Meeting
This association holds a regular general meeting every year.
Chapter 7. Fiscal Year
Our fiscal year is from Apr 1 to Mar 31 of the next year.
Chapter 8. Publication of the Journal of PAAL
PAAL Journal is published biannually by the Association located in Tokyo, Japan. Due to the low cost of printing, it is printed in Seoul, Korea.