We feel highly honored that we can hold the 17th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics in Wenjin Hotel, Beijin. Our Conference in 2012 is jointly organized by 8th International Symposium of Teaching English at Tertiary Level (Tsinghua University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Centre for Enhancing English Learning and Teaching at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Educational Research Association. We are very grateful to Professor Lu Zhongshe, Professor David Qin, Professor Joseph Hung, Professor Barley Mak who have made every possible effort in dealing with various practical local issues to make this conference successful and memorable. I am sure that you feel welcomed by their hospitality.
    The theme of the conference is 'Challenges and Opportunities for English Language Education in the Age of Global Economy' which can cover any controversial topics in our profession. We have received more than 150 papers. We had a screening meeting on the 12th of May. The acceptance notifications were immediately sent by Dr Yusuke Kondo, Waseda University. This year, the length of Proceeding papers was double-columned 2 pages, which stands for 4-5 pages in the standard format. The deadline for the Proceeding papers was on the 30th of June. Dr Kondo has set up the Website and edited the Proceeding papers in July. This year, Tsinghua University kindly printed the conference programs and the proceeding papers will be distributed in the digital format on the registration desk during the conference.
    It is our great honor to receive Professor Rod Ellis as the Keynote speaker for this conference. He is too famous in our profession to outline his achievements in this preface. Although his research achievements are outstanding and too busy to spend time with us, he is kind enough to share his recent research findings with us. Professor Ellis also offers Workshop for young learners.
    The 17th Conference of PAAL is funded in part by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 24320109, and Cross-Cultural Distance Learning Center, Waseda University for travel fees, accommodation and honorarium for Keynote Professor and some other additional fees necessary to run the conference. Since due to the space, the acknowledgements were omitted in our papers, we would like to acknowledge that researches among graduate students and former graduate students at Japan-side of PAAL (specifically at Waseda) were made possible by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 24320109.
    Finally, as a convention chair, we would like to thank our organizing committee members:
Koichi Ano (Vice-co-chair), Yusuke Kondo, Norifumi Ueda, Eiichiro Tsutsui, Kazuharu Owada, Kota Wachi, Masanori Oya, Satoshi Yoshida, Aya Kitagawa and Kaori Koizumi.

Michiko Nakano, Waseda University, Co-Chair, PAAL
Ho Han, Ajou University, Co-Chair, PAAL