Proceedings of The 7th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics

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Benedict Lin  Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Language Centre English as an International Language: Discourse as an Answer to What to Teach & How to Teach it p.1
Yoji Tanabe Waseda University Can We Really Teach English As a Global Language? p.17
Yasukata Yano Waseda University Communicative Competence and English as an International Language p.29
ye-Young Kim, Jeong-Mi Kim and Kyung-Ja Park Korea University Who Takes the Leading Role in Peer Group Conversation Between NSs and NNSs of English?- Focusing on Question Form & Frequency. p.37
Kyunghee Choi Korea University A Study on the Effects of Socioaffective Strategies on Reading Comprehension p.45
Noriko Ishihara University of Minnesota Formal Instruction on the Speech Act of Giving and Responding to Compliments p.62
Susan Grohs Iwamura and Hye-Young Kim Korea University Practical English: from Text Chat to Free Speech p.79
Kota Kodachi Waseda University Error Coding and Error Analysis:for A Better Teaching Method p.85
Taeko Koya Waseda University Collocation Research based on Corpora Collected from English Textbooks for Japanese Upper Secondary Schools p.101
Maeng, Un Kyoung Korea University Learners' Memory and Learners' success in Learning English. p.112
Tomoe Mega Waseda University Evaluation of Public Speech in English p.122
Junko Negishi Waseda University A Study of English communicative competence of Japanese junior high school students as beginners of English p.131
Kwan-Young Oh Yosu National University Several Consonant Clusters Phenomena rising in Pronunciation p.144
Nobuko Osada Waseda University Analysis of Temporal Variables in Modified Speeches: How Native Speakers of English Slow Down Their Speeches? p.158
Masanori Oya Waseda University An LFG Account of Contrastive Particle -wa in Japanese p.167
Min-Kyung Park and Kyung-Ja Park Korea University Middle Construction Processing of English by Korean Learners p.181
Osamu Sawada Waseda University The Scalar if Not Construction: Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Conditions of its Two Readings p.189
Myeong-Hee Seong Seoul Health College Teaching Model for the Improvement of Oral Communication Skills-Focused on tourism English p.199
Norifumi Ueda Waseda University Image Schemas and Second Language Learning: A Case Study p.202
Tae Yamazaki Waseda University Syntactic and Semantic Information in Composition Written by Japanese L2 Learners of English p.208
Naoko Yoshiga, Hiroaki Homma Waseda University A Comparison of Listening to Time-Compressed Speech and Normal Rate Speed -An Effective Teaching Tool for Foreign Language Listening p.237
Zahra Mustafa Department of Applied English Studies, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Science and Technology Irbid Jordan Non-courseware Factors Involved in Using Multimedia in Foreign Language Instruction p.244
Kenji Nakayama Waseda University Assessing Cultural Learning: A Study of Portfolios p.260
Jeong-hwa Shin Korea University Topic Initiation and Topic continuation in Computer-mediated Discourse- A Case of native English Speaker vs. Non- native English Speaker p.266
Kyung-ja Park*, Michiko Nakano** *Korea University, **Waseda University CCDL Project: Learning through Cooperation and Collaboration p.289