Proceedings of The 9th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics

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ALIAKBARI, Mohammad Ilam University The Place Of Culture In The Iranian ELT Textbooks In High School Level p.1
ALINE, David & Yuri HOSODA Kanagawa University & Showa Women's University English Activities in Japanese Public Elementary Schools: An Observational Study p.15
BALINT, Martin Kwansei Gakuin University Assessing Students' Perceived Language Needs in a Needs Analysis p.26
CHANG, Bok-Myung & Jaekeun LEE Namseoul University & Korea Nat'l Univ. of Education Korean Curriculum Reforms and the Progressivism p.44
CHENG, Fei-Wen National Chiayi University Audience strategies used by EFL college writers p.56
CHU, Hera Korea University Critical Thinking through Asynchronous On-line Discussions p.67
EIAMPAILIN, Janida North Bangkok College The Phonological Interference of Swatow in Standard Thai by Chinese Speakers in Bangkok p.79
FUJINAGA, Fumihisa Waseda University Effects of Oral Reading on EFL Reading Comprehension p.94
HOWARD, Jocelyn & Jae MAJOR Christchurch College of Education Guidelines for Designing Effective English Language Teaching Materials p.101
JIAN, Li Northwestern Polytechnical University The Conception of a Flexible EFL Teaching Kit Through Applying Flexible Assembly Theories p.158
KONDO, Yusuke Waseda University Language Anxiety as a Predictor for English Proficiency and its Change p.300
KUBO, Susumu Matsuyama University Pragmatics of Vocatives -a speech act theoretic analysis of vocatives p.332
LEE, Nari Korea University Is the Chatting between Students Spoken Form, Written Form or Something Else? -Analysis of KWCCDLP (Korea University Waseda University Cross-Cultural Distance Learning Project) Data- p.132
LEE, On-soon Korea University Error Types and Feedback of NNS-NNS Interactions p.149
MATSUOKA, Rieko National College of Nursing Willingness to communicate in English among Japanese college students p.165
MIZUNO, Chizuko Mukogawa Women's University Non-native speakers of English teaching English in Japan -Critical Perspectives on TESOL in an Educational Context- p.177
NAKANO, Michiko et al. Waseda University Preliminary Analysis of Grammatical Judgement Test: dative constructions and their passive forms p.386
NAKAYAMA, Kenji Waseda University A Case Study of Using Portfolios to Make Language Learning More Visible at a Japanese Senior High School p.185
NEGISHI, Junko Waseda University Some Grammatical Features of Junior High School Students' Oral Interactions p.191
NEGISHI, Junko Waseda University How Do Beginners of English Develop Their Oral Interaction Skills? From A Sociolinguistic Point of View p.206
NEPOMUCENO, Sheila M. De La Salle University An Analysis of Interpersonal Meaning in a Computer Mediated Conversation Using the Systemic-Functional Grammar Approach p.290
OH, Kwan-Young Yosu National University The Phonological Role in English Pronunciation Instruction p.219
OTSUKA, Ken'ichi Waseda University How to determine the optimal number of listening opportunities for listening comprehension tests among Japanese high school learners of English p.228
OYA, Masanori, Norifumi UEDA, & Eiichiro TSUTSUI Waseda University Research of Grammaticality Judgment of Dative Shift by Japanese Learners of English Based on Optimality Theory p.383
OWADA, Kazuharu Waseda University The Effective Use of Videoconferencing in Cross-Cultural English Language Instruction p.411
PARK, Hyunju University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign English as Fashion : English Mixing in Women's Fashion Magazines p.246
SAHRAGARD, Rahman Shiraz University In search of research methodology for Applied Linguistics p.258
SAWADA, Osamu Waseda University The cognitive characteristics of the idiomatic comparative constructions: the case of the no more/less...than constructions p.273
SAEIDI, Mahnaz & Larry CHONG Islamic Azad University of Tabriz & Gyeongju University Focus on Form Approach in an EFL Context p.280
SHIN, Jeong-hwa Korea University Sentence Production Process in L2 Learning p.305
SII, Hui Ging Jeanne Curtin University of Technology Genre Analysis & Cultural Variations:A Comparative Analysis of British & Chinese TEFL/TESL Application Letters p.110
SIMS, James M. Tunghai University Changes in the Language Ability of Incoming Freshmen in Taiwan p.314
SUGINO, Naoki et al. Ritsumeikan University The Development of Grammatical Competence of Japanese EFL Learners: Focusing on Dative Alternation p.322
TIAN, Shiauping National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Data-Driven Learning: Do Learning Tasks and Proficiency Make a Difference? p.360
TSUTSUI, Eiichiro Waseda University Exploring Learner Preferences in Cross-Cultural Distance Learning p.395
UEDA, Norifumi Waseda University Correlations between English Preposition and Verbs in understanding the sentences by Second Language Learners of English p.406
VANNIARAJAN, Swathi San Jose State University Predicting from Introductory Paragraphs: A Pilot Study in Holistic Assessment of College Level Academic (Remedial) Writing p.345
YOSHIMURA, Noriko, Yasushi TERAO, & Chika IKEDA University of Shizuoka What Can We Learn From Students' Test Scores?:"Surface" versus "Deep" Competence p.372

ISSN: 1346-535X