Proceedings of The 11th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics

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Aliakbari, M.*, Mashhadialvar, J.** (2006) *Ilam University, **Islamic Azad Science and Research University Ahvaz Branch Does it matter who makes comprehension questions? A comparison between the levels of comprehension obtained from Author-generated questions and Student-generated questions pp.1-7
Al-Sharoufi, H. (2006) Gulf University for Science and Technology, State of Kuwait Critical Discourse Analysis of Political Editorials in Some Arabic Newspapers pp.8-27
Atai, R. M. (2006) Assistant Professor of TEFL, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch, Iran EAP Teacher Education : Searching for an effective model integrating Content & language teachers'schemes pp.28-41
Atai, R. M.*, Sadr L.** (2006) *Teacher Training University,Tehran,Iran, **Khatam University, Tehran, Iran A Cross-Cultural Genre Study on Hedging Devices in Discussion Section of Applied linguistics Research Articles pp.42-57
Chen, Y., Sun, C. (2006) Arizona State University Language Proficiency and Academic Performance pp.58-72
Furuya, R. (2006) Nagoya University Becoming Truly Bilingual and Bicultural n Japan pp.73-85
Kodachi, K. (2006) Shiba Junior/Senior High School Becoming Truly Bilingual and Bicultural n Japan pp.86-97
Kodachi, K. (2006) Shiba Junior/Senior High School A study of the effect of learners' L1 in the process of learning the usages of prepositions from the perspective of cognitive linguistics pp.98-103
Matsumoto, K.*, Kumamoto, T.** (2006) *Tokai University, **Nagoya Univ. of Foreign Studies A Study on Rater-related Variables in the Evaluation of L2 Writing pp.104-115
Matsumoto, N. (2006) Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts Applying Cognitive Grammar to Pedagogical Grammar: The Case of "To" pp.116-130
Matsuoka, R. (2006) National College of Nursing, Japan Computer Assessment System for English Communication pp.131-140
Muehleisen, V.*, Shimizu, H.** (2006) *Waseda University, **University of Colorado Creating a Community through Asynchronous Communication: Blogging vs. E-mail pp.141-153
Nakata, T. (2006) The University of Tokyo, Graduate School English collocation learning through meaning-focused and form-focused activities: Interactions of activity types and L1-L2 congruence pp.154-168
O'Grady, W. (2006) University of Hawai'i The Problem of Verbal Inflection in Second Language Acquisition pp.169-190
Ohba, H. (2006) Joetsu University of Education The Acquisition of the Surface Morphological Properties of Relative Clauses and Wh-questions in English by Adult Japanese Speakers pp.191-201
Okita, Y. (2006) Tokyo Medical and Dental University, International Student Center Examining two extreme cases of kanji recognition by Japanese using magnetoencephalography pp.202-211
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Sutthichatchawanwong, W., Luksaneeyanawin, S. (2006) Graduate Program in English as an International Language, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand A Study of the Translation of Thai Serial Verb Constructions with Directional Verbs and Their Semantic and Syntactic Equivalence in English pp.232-244
Switzer, S. (2006) East Stroudsburg University A "Triangulated Data" Approach to Assessing Academic English of English Language Learners pp.245-257
Tan, J., Li, A. (2006) Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi'an, China Study on College Students' Discourse Analysis Competence and their Comprehension and Translation Performance pp.258-265
Tang, Y. E. (2006) National Taiwan Normal University Linguistic Environment as a Determinant of English Countability pp.266-280
Tsutsui, E.*, Owada, K.**, Kondo, Y.***, Nakano, M.*** (2006) *Hiroshima International University, **Ritsumeikan University, ***Waseda University A diagnosis of Japanese EFL Learners' Individual Differences pp.281-289
Vanniarajan, M. S. (2006) San Jose State University Human Factors in Holistic Assessment of Writing A Heuristic (Pilot) Study pp.290-306
Wang, X. (2006) Different Medium of Instruction, Different Destiny of Language Shift? A Pilot Study in Kuala Lumpur Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, Language Information Sciences Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong pp.307-317
Yamaguchi, T. (2006) Waseda University Vocabulary Frequency in University Entrance Examination in Japan pp.318-332