Graduate session

G1-1 ZUO Qingzhao    
  Using Corpora in Autonomous Study of English Vocabulary: A Case Study of STORM 389 - 392
G1-2 Kaori Koizumi    
  Cross-Cultural Distance Learning (CCDL) and its possible effectiveness on learners' development of Intercultural Competence 393 - 398
G1-3 Wai-nga Gloria CHAN    
  "Why did I speak English to the cat?": The Impact of An Immersion Experience on The English Language Development of Preservice PGDE (English) Teachers in Hong Kong. 399 - 402
G1-4 Yutaka Ishii    
  A Survey of Learners' Preferences about Teacher's Feedback on Writing 403 - 409
G2-1 Yoko Suganuma Oi    
  Self, Peer and Teacher Evaluation in English Speech of Senior High School of Students 410 - 417
G2-2 Yoko Asari    
  Subcategorization of Recasts: Examining different features 418 - 421
G2-3 Wang Qian    
  Phonological Features of China English: An Acoustic Investigation on Segmental Features of Educated China English Speakers 422 - 425
G2-4 Hayato Iida    
  Foreign Language Activity at Elementary School-Correlation between Team-Teaching Patterns and Pupils' Performances- 426 - 429
G3-1 Ryo Niijima    
  The Effectiveness of Integrated Teaching upon English Teaching in Japan 430 - 433
G3-2 Eunice Kit-Lam Tang    
  Developing speaking skills with games: Towards a co-operative learning approach 434 - 435
G3-3 Saho Maeda    
  A Study of Implicit Teaching and Explicit Teaching of the Usage of "Please" 436 - 443

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