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The Journal of PAAL welcomes contributions written in English on applied linguistics and related interdisciplinary fields. Manuscripts first undergo a preliminary review. If topic and scope are deemed appropriate, they are then sent out for blind review to at least two readers selected from the general Editorial Board.

  1. Two manuscript copies should be submitted for each manuscript and should be sent to PAAL (addresses below). Manuscripts will be acknowledged by the editors upon receipt.
  2. All manuscripts submitted for publication should conform to the styles of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.). Papers, which do not follow the APA requirements will not be considered for publication.
  3. All manuscripts sent to the Journal of PAAL should be accompanied by a cover letter with manuscript and author information: title, subtitle, authors names and affiliations, a full mailing address, an e-mail address, phone numbers (work and home), and fax number (if applicable).
  4. Manuscripts should be typed on one side of A-4 of letter size paper, double-spaced, with ample margins. Times New Roman 12 point font is advised. Subheadings in bold type should be used at reasonable intervals.
  5. The title of the article and the author's name should be typed on a separate sheet of paper to ensure anonymity in the review process.
  6. An abstract of up to 500 words identifying the purpose of the article, an overview of the content, and suggested findings should be provided. 10 point font is to be used throughout the abstract.
  7. Footnotes should appear on the same page with the text where their numbers appear. Do not use endnotes.
  8. Authors are responsible for providing camera-ready copy of tables, figures, and illustrations.
  9. Full citation of literature referred to should be given in the reference list at the end of each article, following the specifications of the APA manual. Punctuate and capitalize as in the following examples:
  10. The Editors of the Journal of PAAL reserve the right to make editorial changes to enhance clarity or style.

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Herman, L. M. Kuczaj, S. A., ?, & Hoder, M. D (1993) Responses to anomalous genstural sequences: Eveidence for processing of semantic relation and syntactic information Journal of Experimental Pychology: General, 122, 184-194.

Editorial correspondences, subscription information, change of address requests and manuscripts for publication should be sent to:

Bjork R. A. (1989) Retrieval inhibition as an adptive mechanism in human memory. In H. L. Roediger ? & F. I. M. . Crajk (Eds.) Varieties of memory & consciousness (pp.309-330). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Wilfley, D. E. (1989) Interpersonal analysis of builmia: Normal weight and obese. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Missouri, Columbia.


Editorial correspondences, subscription information, change of address requests and manuscripts for publication should be sent to:

Jayeon Lim
Journal of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics