PAAL 2022

PALL 2022 Conference on Zoom

Date August 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun), 2022 (JST)
Theme Practice and Research in Language Learning and Assessment


Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Naoko Ozeki (Meiji University)
    Title: Integrating Complex Variables in the Measurement of L2 Speech Production: Focusing on Complexity, Accuracy, Fluency, and Creativity
  • Professor Anthony Green (University of Bedfordshire)
    Title: Tipping the Scales: Practice and Research in Assessing L2 Writing
  • Dr. Fumiyo Nakatsuhara (University of Bedfordshire)
    Title: Academic speaking skills in a digital age: How can we assess them?


Program Overview




Poster Presentations

For Participants Only

No Title Presenter
P1 Multilingual Landscape in Japanese Public Restrooms Enid Lee
P2 Crosslinguistic Differences in Lexico-conceptual Structure and Korean Learners’ Acquisition of English Prepositions Hye-ryeong Hahn
P3 Exploring Interview Strategies Through Comparison of Interviewer Utterances Akiko Watanabe
P4 Idea Density of English Textbooks for Japanese Junior-High School Students Oya Masanori, Norifumi Ueda, Kazuharu Owada, Koichi Ano & Tetsuya Kashiwagi
P5 A Study of Interactional Competence of the Japanese Learners of English: Analyzing the Data from the Students who learned English under the Old Ministry’s Curriculum Guideline Norifumi Ueda; Junko Negishi; Koichi Ano; Kazuharu Owada; Masanori Oya; Eiichiro Tsutsui & Yoko Asari
P6 Developing a Web Application for Learning Transitivity of English Verbs: Data Collection and Immediate Feedback Kazuharu Owada, Kazuumi Nishimura, Kirara Nagahashi, and Eiichiro Tsutsui
P8 The Effects of a Short-Term English Program for Work-Study Students Jeongyong Yoon, Unkyoung Maeng
P9 Korean University Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes toward Their Online English Learning and Writing Classes under Covid-19 Pandemic Myeong-Hee Seong, Eun-hee Nam
P10 Linking the Non-Curricular Course with the Regular Non-Face-to-Face College General English Myeong-Hee Seong, Gyeonghye Kim
P11 Effective Use of Machine Translation for Medical Students Toward Internationalization Yukiko Ideno, Yoko Sakamoto
P12 A Four-Year Practical Report on an English Reading and Writing Course at the Hibikino Campus of the University of Kitakyushu Eiichiro Tsutsui
P13 Study of Small Group Cooperative Learning Related to English Teaching Method of English Bible Jonghee Kim